Show me your friends…

And I’ll tell you who you are – KK

It is often said that one is the culmination of the people one spends one’s most time with. Truer words have never been said, I believe, and this prompted me to ask my two closest companions, “who are you?” The responses, dare I say, left me with an ego unlike any other. It has shown me that, in the friendship department, I am blessed beyond measure. To begin this week – my travel buddy, my karaoke partner, my confidante, my person, KK.

Groot Constantia, Western Cape
So who is KK?

Who am I you ask? I’m the Mathitha equivalent 💀. I clown. I’m Keletso Kobela, and, no, you can’t call me Kay. I am a medical doctor by profession, a part-time clown and Matz’ best friend. I’m a traveler at heart and a tea enthusiast. Just a girl who wants to laugh the day away, because gym is hard to commit to.

Laughter, the best medicine
When and how did we meet/become friends?

We met in our first year [of varsity], 2012. We had a group project and needed to partner up. But that did work out, and we ended being in different groups. So, I have always known Matz from a distance. We only became close in final year 2018 and have never been separable ever since.

Wits university, Gauteng
What is your favourite thing about this friendship?

Do I really have to choose one thing? Come on, man. But it has to be the brutal honesty this friendship comes with. Matz is the hype women everyone needs a but she doesn’t shy away from telling you when you make low APGAR’d [ludicrous] decisions. I used to hate criticism, but when it comes from some who is ever so genuine, maigot, it is refreshing, liberating.

Oribi Gorge, KwaZulu Natal
What is your least favourite thing about this friendship?

We are both strong willed women, who like being in control so we tend to clash sometimes.

Strong hearts
In what ways do you think this friendship aligns with your life/goals/mission?

This friendship serves as a constant reminder that happiness, your happiness, should be something you put on a pedestal always, [something to always] guard and protect. And that loving yourself should feel like breathing, ever so effortless. And that is aligned with the healing, acceptance, unlearning and redefining life as you imagined it.

Happiness Over Everything
In what ways do you think this friendship is lacking?

Uhm, is that even a thing.   Lol, jokes. I actually can’t think of anything right now. But, I guess it has to be the fact that, we don’t have enough time to travel. We are called to rich auntie vibes, but well, ku-tricky kwa Health.

Post call luncheon
Tell me one thing you believe I do not know about you.

That I’m very shy & a bit socially awkward. I don’t think, you ever got to experience that because we got on like a house on fire. Nkile wa viber le motho [have you ever just vibed with a person] from day one? If you have you will understand.

Awkward bathroom mirror selfies

I have read and re-read this last line and still I refuse to believe my friend to be shy and socially awkward. That, I suppose is a testament of our beautiful friendship. I would that everyone experience such in this lifetime. Please, do check out my friend’s socials. Twitter: @keletso_kobela Instagram: @dr_keletso

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