Vagina Monologue: things I learned

vagina monologue things I learned
vagina monologue
vagina monologue
10 things I learned from VM

While writing and editing the now-ended series, I learned some things I hadn’t been aware of prior. And, considering that this here blog is a space carved for introspection, for growth, for therapy, some unpacking needs to be done so toxic behaviors and beliefs may be unlearnt. So, from the series, I have learned 10 things.

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1. I use writing and the blog for therapy, and it is amazing. However, I learned that it cannot be a substitute for actual professional help. So sis needs to to look for a paid-to-listen-and-analyze psychologist or therapist and stop playing games.

2. Is my body rebelling against my mind, or is it acting exactly in accordance to it, what with my active disliking of men?

3. I learned that my dislike of men may be heavily influenced by my lived experiences with men (and should not necessarily be a reflection on all men.) What male role models I’ve had, left much to be desired. I should, however, bear in mind that there are countless amazing men who improve the lives of those around them. So here’s to trying not to paint all men with the same tainted brush.

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4. I should really set an annual reminder to see a gynaecologist and stop trying to be my own physician.

5. I learned that I have shit taste in men… had. I HAD shit taste in men.

6. I have to learn to believe people the first time they show me who they are. A walking red flag will not suddenly and spontaneously turn green just because I will it so.

7. I do not have the power, strength, time or ability to change anyone. Nor should I wish for that.

8. I will forever advocate for vasectomies as a top contraceptive method. The burden of birth control should lie squarely on men. On this hill I will die.

9. South Africa’s Choice of Termination Act (Abortion law) is one of the best in the world and is literally the one reason I’m happy to be South African. It is the most woman-centric law in our Constitution and I absolutely love it.

And finally:
10. The world is ending. That should put all the above into perspective. What really matters? What is really important?
I guess we’ll find this out in therapy🤭

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7 thoughts on “Vagina Monologue: things I learned

  1. Heyyyy youuuuu
    Eeeehh can you believe that I went as far as reading from the first post😆😆😆😆
    Wooww it was an unplanned camp on your blog today Nd am glad I did. You’ve always been brutal when it comes to what you believe in. So glad I discovered your site.
    I’ve enjoyed the monologues more and keep the ball rolling. Truly inspirational .

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