On dating and #NotAllMen

This is a story about the last date I went on.This is a story about dating and drinking and butterflies.This is a story about #NotAllMen.This, dear friends, is a triggering story. Once upon a time I met J…let’s call him Alpheus. I met Alpheus online. When I say INSTANT CONNECTION!!! We spoke endlessly for hours,Continue reading “On dating and #NotAllMen”

T*W Whose agency is it anyway? On rape and silence (part 2)

Was I just, was I just violated?Nah, don’t be silly man. He did not rape you. If he had, you’d be traumatized. You’d be having flashbacks and you’d be bruised, torn. Face – disheveled. Legs – unmovable. Vagina – dismembered. Hotel – Trivago. Isn’t that what we had been taught on TV, in movies, thatContinue reading “T*W Whose agency is it anyway? On rape and silence (part 2)”

T*W. Whose agency is it anyway? On rape and silence (part 1)

I let him hug me goodbye in the middle of a public road and giggled when he tried to kiss meI stood frozen as I watched him walk away, a shy smile on my lips, not anticipating the tears that would soon betray my face. I stood frozen and watched him walk awayWhen his silhouetteContinue reading “T*W. Whose agency is it anyway? On rape and silence (part 1)”

Candle in the Dark

Can I set the scene? It is Easter weekend. I am in my room, on my three-seater couch, comfortable under a throw blanket, one cushion behind me, two more at my feet. A vanilla-scented candle is lit on my table, and a large coffee mug contains a hazelnut cappuccino. This is it. This scene isContinue reading “Candle in the Dark”

My fifth “no more alcohol” declaration

After what happened last night, I realize that I may need to rethink alcohol drinking. Last night was malignant, for many reasons. I slept with someone I had zero intentions of ever even hugging. I cannot remember how it happened, when or why. All I know is, I was severely inebriated. That, my dear, isContinue reading “My fifth “no more alcohol” declaration”