T*W. Whose agency is it anyway? On rape and silence (part 1)

I let him hug me goodbye in the middle of a public road and giggled when he tried to kiss meI stood frozen as I watched him walk away, a shy smile on my lips, not anticipating the tears that would soon betray my face. I stood frozen and watched him walk awayWhen his silhouetteContinue reading “T*W. Whose agency is it anyway? On rape and silence (part 1)”

To be wanted fully, loudly and unapologetically

I met Zulu just before varsity closed for the semester break. It was during one of the parties my friends and I regularly hosted after exams. He did not particularly stand out at the party. In fact, I only came to learn of his name when the gathering ended and we all parted ways. AsContinue reading “To be wanted fully, loudly and unapologetically”

Bi the way, I’m Curious…

About a lot of things. I’m curious about whether the medical field is something I see myself staying in for life. I’m curious about how and why smoking alleviates the symptoms of schizophrenia. I’m curious about white people hair and how it gives in to gravity unless enveloped by strong holding gel. I’m curious aboutContinue reading “Bi the way, I’m Curious…”

Candle in the Dark

Can I set the scene? It is Easter weekend. I am in my room, on my three-seater couch, comfortable under a throw blanket, one cushion behind me, two more at my feet. A vanilla-scented candle is lit on my table, and a large coffee mug contains a hazelnut cappuccino. This is it. This scene isContinue reading “Candle in the Dark”

My fifth “no more alcohol” declaration

After what happened last night, I realize that I may need to rethink alcohol drinking. Last night was malignant, for many reasons. I slept with someone I had zero intentions of ever even hugging. I cannot remember how it happened, when or why. All I know is, I was severely inebriated. That, my dear, isContinue reading “My fifth “no more alcohol” declaration”

About me…

Welcome to my journal. No seriously, welcome to my innermost thoughts, writings, journal entries, experiences and what have you. I go by many a name. The government knows me as Mathitha. I am a young, black, cis-heteronormative (sometimes queer-envious) woman. A medical doctor by profession. A feminist. A womanist. I love travel, although I amContinue reading “About me…”