Candle in the Dark

Can I set the scene? It is Easter weekend. I am in my room, on my three-seater couch, comfortable under a throw blanket, one cushion behind me, two more at my feet. A vanilla-scented candle is lit on my table, and a large coffee mug contains a hazelnut cappuccino. This is it. This scene isContinue reading “Candle in the Dark”

My fifth “no more alcohol” declaration

After what happened last night, I realize that I may need to rethink alcohol drinking. Last night was malignant, for many reasons. I slept with someone I had zero intentions of ever even hugging. I cannot remember how it happened, when or why. All I know is, I was severely inebriated. That, my dear, isContinue reading “My fifth “no more alcohol” declaration”

About me…

Welcome to my journal. No seriously, welcome to my innermost thoughts, writings, journal entries, experiences and what have you. I go by many a name. The government knows me as Mathitha. I am a young, black, cis-heteronormative (sometimes queer-envious) woman. A medical doctor by profession. A feminist. A womanist. I love travel, although I amContinue reading “About me…”