Random life-changing tweets

Words are powerful. Writers, poets, singers and lyricists know that. Lovers of poetry and song know that.

I love reading because writers can, with a simple amalgamation of words, transport you to a magical world you’d otherwise never dream of.
I love poetry because poets can, with rhyme and rhythm, puns and onomatopoeias, make you feel and believe in magic.
And I absolutely love Twitter because, every now and then, a random person on the bird app writes words, so simple yet profound, that they reshape how I see life, myself, and the world around me.

Photo by Natasha Fernandez on Pexels.com

Below are some five tweets-turned-daily-mantras that have rewired my thinking and changed my life.



The old saying, “love your neighbour as yourself,” is beautifully twisted in this tweet. Love yourself as your neighbour. The kindness with which you care for those you love, use that also for yourself. The willingness to understand, have empathy for and forgive those who wrong you, have just as much for yourself. Since coming across that tweet, I have never looked back. I forgive my mistakes, show kindness to myself and choose compassion, rather than self-deprecation, to navigate this tumultuous life.



There are countless opportunities to keep trying, to reinvent oneself, to experience life in its fullness. Irrespective of life’s dizzy challenges, there is always hope.



I began to consider feminism through a different lens the second I came across this word. Imagine if world leaders, spiritual gurus, and the likes, carried more of the values thought to be traditionally feminine and less of the values traditionally ascribed to masculine energy. The nurturing, the caretaking of others, the motherly consideration, the eagerness to forgive. It is a blanket statement, and there are obvious exceptions, but, considering the current state of the world, and the people in charge, this is worth taking a second to think about. Instead of wanting to be like men – consumed with productivity and competition, it would perhaps have been better for the world to encourage men to be more earthy, more compassionate, more nurturing. Then perhaps more resources would be spent on education, health and hospitality, and less on the military, sports and prisons.



This quote single-handedly kept me going in 2019 when life held me by the throat. “When it all eventually works out, it will be as though there were never any trying times.”



My absolute favourite tweet of all time. I love this quote so much that my friends reference me when they use it. That’s how often I say it. Be your biggest fanatic, loudest cheerleader and greatest hype-person, and no one can tell you anything. The world is oft harsh. If you have to rely on one person to always have your back, let it be you.

Friends, I am taking a much needed break from the blog, for a smol smol while. I will be back in no time, but feel free to look back into old posts and series. Also look out for other works I’ll be doing in other parts of the interweb. Til next time loves.

Adieu, for now

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3 thoughts on “Random life-changing tweets

  1. It’s the third tweet for me. I never looked at feminism in that light and I love the angle you both came from.

    Where are you going to??? 😩

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