Adam and Eve

‘The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”’ – Genesis 2:18

vagina monologue
vagina monologue
Were women created for men?

I have been spiraling ever since I remembered this famous quote (I mean Bible verse). I am pretty sure most (if not all) Abrahamic religions have the same ideology, that the reason women were created was SOLELY for the completion/complement of men. And now, it kind of makes sense why it seems that men do not care about/try to understand women’s-issues, unless the issues affect them personally.

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Or, why men mock and belittle the habits of women that they don’t understand, until they try them out (jokingly, of course) and realize these habits are actually of benefit. (Consider when the men of Twitter decided to compliment each other the way women do, as a joke, but ended up gaining confidence from the validation.) Or the entire basis of the word simp – men treating women as human beings without any sexual payback will be insulted with this ‘derogatory’ term, because how dare any self-respecting man be kind to a woman without expecting something in return? Women were created for men, to help men, to serve men, to elevate men, not the other way round innit.

All those times people had to say to men, what if such and such happened to your daughter, or sister, or mother? And only then do they get it, because they love those specific women, because in some way, shape or form these women help them. They help them to be recognized in society (and by society, I mean other men) as providers, protectors and virile warriors.

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We’re all capable of being bad

[I think it is imperative that I mention this: I do not subscribe to the school of MEN ARE TRASH. I do not think one gender is trash. I believe we can all be trash human beings, men, women and non-binary people alike. I myself have been a trash human being at times. What is different, however, is that society (and by society, I mean men AND women) tends to condemn women for their trash behaviour while excusing men for the same.

You don’t want children? That is responsible if you’re a man, totally selfish if you’re a woman.
You cheated on your spouse? As a woman, you deserve to die a painful death. As a man, your partner was simply missing something so you got it somewhere else. Or men cheat – it is what it is.
You abandon your child? You’re the worst mother in the history of the world; as a man you are one of many.
You are a single mother? It was your toxicity that caused the man to run and your narcissism that causes your boy child to grow up hating women.
You are a single father? You are a hero, superman, a god.

You were warned not to do something and did it anyway, tell the world that the woman made you do it and watch society gaslight her for all of history. Poor Eve]

I truly believe that all this dissonance stems from the subconscious belief that women were made for others; to serve, to help, to nurture, to relieve.

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This is a man’s world

When a colleague was asked if she wants children, she reported that she wants boys, not girl children, because ‘this world really isn’t for girls.’ And I have to absolutely agree. I believe this world was made for men. And when God saw that men could not be without aid, it was then decided that women would be suitable helpers, nurturers, and recipients of men’s seeds and frustrations.

Is there space for introspection?

And I am constantly tormented by the words of Marilyn Frye in The Politics of Reality…

The Politics of Reality

Because men are not allowed to delve into their feelings, or are invalidated when they try (being called simp, gay, or other such terms), they are left with very little space for introspection. If straight men were offered the space to feel, to introspect, to ask themselves why, they would realize that, while they truly are attracted to women, they do not really like or respect us beyond what they can attain from us, be it sex, clean laundry, a good meal, an emotional outlet, or unconditional love.

All this to say, I just want to know if there is a parallel universe wherein women are recognized as the sentient celestial beings we are, the improvers of society, and not human beings who were created from the side because men could not be alone. If there is such a universe, how do I get there? Sign me up please.

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