Bi the way, I’m Curious…

About a lot of things. I’m curious about whether the medical field is something I see myself staying in for life. I’m curious about how and why smoking alleviates the symptoms of schizophrenia. I’m curious about white people hair and how it gives in to gravity unless enveloped by strong holding gel. I’m curious about black hair and how it fights gravity even when smothered in strong holding gel.

I am also a tad bit curious about how much money consulting specialists make. Recently, I have found myself daydreaming, curious, about my sexual orientation. I find myself curious…am I a straight up cis-gender heterosexual girl, as I have always considered myself to be?

Look, I have always been attracted to guys. I will always (unfortunately) be attracted to guys. Of that part, I am sure. What I am unsure of, is whether my attraction is exclusive to men.

I met a girl who, for all intents and purposes, should not have left a mark on me. Sure she was pretty, funny and a jol, but I had met tons of pretty fun girls. None, however, had moved me like she did. No girl had touched my soul the way she touched my soul. And no girl excited me like…

I had a dream about her last night. Just thinking about that dream I…

I am nowhere near close to calling myself anything other than heterosexual. I know the issues that arise with jumping from one identity box to the other. However, I am curious. I am curious about how being physical with a girl would be. I am curious about the dynamics of same-sex intimacy. I am curious about how my vagina would feel being touched by another. I am curious about the girl who turned me bi-curious.

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